GAZ10’s second hex map was something very special: it was the first hex map to extensively detail an underground realm in the Known World.  It has some very nice touches, though the varying depths make reading the map quite challenging at times.

This map began a wonderful trend in Mystara that unfortunately has seen quite limited output, with just GAZ13’s maps and Bruce Heard’s 2012 Stoutfellow map, along with a precious few other subterranean maps.  We need more of these!

Replica Map (updated 1st February 2016)

Replica of GAZ10 map of the Lower Broken Lands, 8 miles per hex

Replica of GAZ10 map of the Lower Broken Lands, 8 miles per hex


About Replica Maps

Unlike Updated mapsReplica maps are exact (or sometimes colourised) replicas of primary source maps.  These source maps form the main source material of the Atlas of Mystara, from which all of the updated maps are made.  Put simply:

  • Replica maps present the world of Mystara as the original source materials depict it, warts and all.  No attempt has been made to fix errors of any kind — even typos.  Replica maps are always marked as such on this site.
  • Updated maps present the Atlas of Mystara‘s consistent view of the world, with all errors, alignment issues, and so on fixed.  Anything not marked as a replica map is an updated map.