Though the human eye first notices the land’s natural beauties, it is the nation’s mineral resources which endear it to the dwarven inhabitants.  The mountains are riddled with caves and extensive cavern networks, the preferred homes of the dwarves, and are rich in various metal ores.

Additionally, the rough and rocky nature of the land — there are only three major roads which enter Rockhome, all along easily-defended mountain passes — makes Rockhome easy to defend.  Standing garrisons, and in some places the terrible winters, keep the nation safe from invasion.

from GAZ6 The Dwarves of Rockhome, by Aaron Allston

Map (updated 1st February 2016)

Updated map of Rockhome, 8 miles per hex

Updated map of Rockhome, 8 miles per hex



The most mountainous realm of the Known World, Rockhome suffers slightly from the flat portrayal of mountains in the hex map format.  It encompasses the Denwarf Spur, a range nestled between the Altan Tepes and the Makkres Mountains.  It also, of course, suffers from the lack of an underground map.

Another problem is river and lake bifurcation, notably around Lake Klintest and three of its rivers, the Hrap River, the Kur River and the Klintest River.  The updated map partially solves these problems, but leaves most of them unresolved.


  • Evekarr Road — TM1 has this road in the mountains. GAZ6’s original position on the shore of Lake Klintest seems more likely.
  • Everkarr Pass & Road — this caption was misspelled as Evekar Pass & Road in TM1.  The error was carried over onto TM2.  The Atlas goes with GAZ6’s Evekarr.
  • Evemur — this settlement is marked as a city on all official maps, but GAZ6 (page 55a) lists its population as standing at 12,000. This would make it a large town. The text twice refers to it as a city, but the same is true of other settlements detailed in GAZ6, such as Kurdal (population 2,000) which is also repeatedly called a city. It seems clear that Evemur should be marked as a town.
  • Hrap River — GAZ6’s description of Lake Klintest makes it sound like this river is a tributary of Lake Klintest, whereas in fact it appears to be the lake’s main outflow.  Referring to the X1/Expert Set Known World map, it appears that Lake Klintest was originally intended to have two outflows: the Hrap and the Kur/Vestfjord.  GAZ6 adds a source for the river, without indicating which way the river was intended to be flowing — whether it bifurcates at the source, and flows into Lake Klintest; or the source simply joins the river flowing northwest into Ethengar.
  • Klintest River — GAZ6’s map had this river bifurcating shortly after its source, with courses flowing both east and west.  This was reproduced in all later maps, including GAZ7 and TM2.  However, reference to the original Known World map in X1/Expert Set shows that this river was never meant to be connected to the river flowing east into Vestland.  The updated map therefore cuts this link, reverting the Klintest River into its X1/Expert Set form.  (See also the entry for Landsfjord River in the Northern Reaches updated map.
  • Kur River — described in GAZ6 but not labelled on the map, nor on TM1.  However it was marked on GAZ7.  This river presumably bifurcates shortly after the source, with the Kur flowing southwest into Lake Klintest, and the Vestfjord flowing northeast into Vestland.  Another way to look at it is that the Kur flows out of Lake Klintest, joining the Vestfjord shortly after its source.  It’s not clear which is correct.
  • Makkres Mountains altitude — “To the east [of Ethengar], the Makkres range towers up to a height of 15,000 feet”. (GAZ12 DM’s Guide page 6a)
  • Northern Rockhome — near the Trolls label on GAZ6’s map, TM1 has a clear hex where GAZ6 has a forested hill hex. Forested hills seem more consistent with the surrounding terrain.
  • Styrdal Road — GAZ12 adjusted the location of this road so that it enters Ethengar about 16 miles west of its GAZ6 location.  This change was then adopted in TM1, and the updated map uses this version.
  • Styrdal Valley — this label is in different positions in GAZ6 and TM1. According to GAZ6, it is supposed to refer to the valley in the Denwarf Spur that contains Fort Denwarf.
  • Villages — although the map shows no villages at all, the text very much supports their addition (GAZ6 page 6c): “Not named on this map, but an important part of Rockhome, are the hundreds of small villages, particularly farming villages in the lowlands and mining villages dotting the Altan Tepe and Makkres Mountain ranges.  Some are above-ground, but the majority are underground settlements, some established in existing caverns and others dug from the living rock.”


  1. Rockhome at the Vaults of Pandius
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