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  1. Northern Reaches, 8 miles per hex – Atlas of Mystara
    6 March 2016 @ 2:31 am

    […] Landersfjord — this name is shared by the fjord itself, a river, a town, and a dominion.  However, GAZ7’s map has the river taking a sharp bend south from the fjord instead of going west to meet the town.  Instead, the town sits on the river that feeds Marsfjord.  But GAZ7 DM Book page 17a-b states: “Landersfjord: This frontier and trade town on the Overland Trade Route is also a deep-water port on the Landersfjord River.”  Moreover, reference to X1’s Known World map shows that the rivers here were obscured by labels on the original map.  The Atlas concludes that Landersfjord River should indeed flow into Landersfjord itself, and the town should also be situated on that river.  The updated map therefore cuts Marsjord off at Haverfjord, instead connecting Landersfjord river and fjord.  See also the Klintest River entry for Rockhome’s updated map. […]


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