Welcome to the Atlas of Mystara!

This site is the new home for the Atlas.  The old wiki is going to be phased out, with all the content relocated here.  It’s a slow process, so the wiki will remain accessible for some time yet.

Moving all the maps here is a great chance to celebrate Mystara’s wonderful cartography, and at the same time release new high resolution versions of the maps.  Some of the maps also need dusting off, as they have remained without an update since the very beginning of my project, back in 2005.  And there are many small updates and suggestions from the Mystara community still to include in the updated maps.

So, starting on 8th January 2016, I will post a high resolution version of one of my updated or replica maps each and every day.

Each map will come in its own article, and I will build up the infrastructure to browse these easily as we go along.

In case you didn’t already know the difference:

  • Replica maps are just what they sound like: near-exact replicas of original source maps.  They are designed to be as close as possible, even including typos and art errors — although the hex art is of course all my own.  These maps are intended to be used for reference, and they form the building blocks to the updated maps.  They are also excellent an excellent accompaniment to the Mystara PDFs on D&D Classics, since they present the maps as single clean images.  Feel free to print them out for your own use!
  • Updated maps are the true purpose of the Atlas: newly redrawn maps assembled from all available sources, including the original maps as well as details derived from descriptions in Mystara’s many books — and indeed fan-created works from the Vaults of Pandius, where appropriate.  These maps fix the mistakes, solve alignment and other issues, and generally present Mystara in as crystal clear a fashion as possible.  Together they form a consistent picture of Mystaran geography.

The Atlas is a place for publishing finished maps.  For details on the creation of these maps, as well as my other cartographic endeavours, visit Thorfinn Tait Cartography.

Lastly, please don’t hesitate to post comments and corrections for any of the maps on this site.  It’s only through the amazing feedback and suggestions from the Mystara community that these maps have come this far.  I could never do this project without you — nor would I wish to.  So please keep the comments coming!

Thorfinn Tait
Akita, Japan
January 2016