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  1. Robin
    1 May 2019 @ 11:05 pm

    Hi Thorf
    Nice replica

    What I remember (and rediscovered on the old notes of then) of somwone who said had been working on the module way back (sorry I can’t remember the name of the person, yet I met him at a gencon decades ago, and the module and the weird Gyerians were mentioned, which sparked an interesting discussion), is that the intention of the mountains was declaring passability.
    The Darkest colors were simply not passable at all except by flight, and even then altitude had to be gained and weather confronted.
    The medium color was near impassable except to local creatures, spefically designated by that person as ; Goats, Birds, Wereraven and Gyerians. How and where he came up with were ravens I don’t know/remember, as they were not mentioned in the final product…typically this creature was mentioned in another product AD&D2 in the average same period or closeby….It was for me the reason to enable Were ravens existing on the western coast of Brun. The movement rate would be as Mountains x1.5, Straight passage lines would not exist, trippling the total distances
    The low color were not hills, yet more rocky low mountains. The local creatures would have created passages and trails all over the area. This area would have a movement rate of mountains as normal. Straight passage lines would not exist, doubling the total distances
    And the basic area would be hills with flat terrain in between. (hence advising to use roads in the module).

    This is what my notes on the discussion revealed.
    All in all it seems to explain the area is a valley, with a basic hilly terrain with flat areas inbetween, in total enclamped by slow increasing mountains.

    As said I don’t remember the person; If he was the writer, creator, mapper, or just some other worker, I am totally unaware of. His knowledge of the module then in the discussion laid some credence to his claim though. Hence I trusted his words being treu.

    another interesting fact he revealed it was close to the area of CM& Tree of Life. somewhat North East of CM7, and this can also be determined somewhat by the text in the module; an elven warrior on a quest to save his homeland…the elven settlement Tarylon Elfhome, renowned for its beauty and bounty…..
    also the mention of a Tree of Life (I7) which are in actuality canon limited to 7 or 9 as far as i know

    Hope this helps
    Greets Robin


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