Covering a region of rugged hills, mountains, and narrow canyons near the centre of the Known World, the area is thought to be abandoned by civilisation.  Few humans and demi-humans ever venture any distance from the treacherous merchant tracks along the Vesubia and Streel Rivers, but the Broken Lands are far from deserted.

Although the rugged surface may be baked by the sun of summer and frozen by the winds of winter, many are its inhabitants.  These are denizens of the depths, nomadic hordes of darkness, and fierce caravan raiders. They are the Hordes of Thar.


from GAZ10 The Orcs of Thar, by Bruce Heard

Map (updated 7th February 2016)

Updated map of the Upper Broken Lands, 8 miles per hex

Updated map of the Upper Broken Lands, 8 miles per hex



The real Broken Lands of course lay beneath the surface, but the Upper Broken Lands have their fair share of interest, too.  There’s quite a variety of terrain in the relatively small space occupied by this humanoid enclave between civilised lands.


  • Altitude markers — two markers present in GAZ10 were missing from TM1.
  • Blank hexes — a number of hexes were coloured but left symbol-less on GAZ10’s map. These were corrected on TM1.
  • Broken Lands trail — the trail leading into the Broken Lands from Ethengar was reduced to a straight line on GAZ12’s poster map.  This simplification unfortunately later crept into TM1, causing further errors.  The eastern trail even has a part missing where the trail crosses the volcanoes.  The updated map reverts to GAZ10’s trails.
  • Dol-Anur River — a greater cataract was added on TM1.  The updated map includes it.
  • Streel River — on TM1, the southern cataract was reduced from GAZ10’s greater to lesser.  For the sake of variety, the Atlas has gone with the lesser cataract.
  • Trintan — this Glantrian village bordering Bugburbia was misspelled “Tritan” on GAZ10’s poster map.
  • Trollhattan swamps — the single tree swamp icon has been replaced with the Atlas‘s swamp icon, splitting Trollhattan’s swamps into two swamp and two marsh hexes.
  • Vesubian River — the southernmost run-off into Trollhattan was missing from TM1.  Additionally, two of the three greater cataracts shown on GAZ10’s map were missed out.


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