Since there are a plethora of Norwold maps, all depicting the same area but each expanding on the terrain in slightly different ways, I have elected to create a combined replica from all relevant sources rather than separate replicas of each.

Although the original maps were rather devoid of detail, in fact the text of CM1 provided extensive notes on the terrain in each area of the map, from which it was possible to develop a far more complete map.  Some fans of course have done just that.

Combined Replica Map (updated 18th January 2016)

Combined replica of CM1/M2's Norwold, 24 miles per hex

Combined replica of CM1/M2’s Norwold, 24 miles per hex


  • CM1 Test of the Warlords (1984) (PDF at DriveThruRPG)
    • Player’s Map: Norwold, 24 mile per map on the inside cover
    • DM Map 2: Norwold, 24 mile per map on page 5
  • M2 Vengeance of Alphaks (1986)
    • MAP V: Norwold, 24 mile per hex map on the inside cover
    • MAP I: Players’ Map: Norwold, 24 mile per hex map on the cover’s gatefold

About Replica Maps

Unlike Updated mapsReplica maps are exact (or sometimes colourised) replicas of primary source maps.  These source maps form the main source material of the Atlas of Mystara, from which all of the updated maps are made.  Put simply:

  • Replica maps present the world of Mystara as the original source materials depict it, warts and all.  No attempt has been made to fix errors of any kind — even typos.  Replica maps are always marked as such on this site.
  • Updated maps present the Atlas of Mystara‘s consistent view of the world, with all errors, alignment issues, and so on fixed.  Anything not marked as a replica map is an updated map.